How AI Can Affect Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Ever since OpenAI gifted us with ChatGPT, the world has been intrigued and a little bit terrified at how advanced technology has become.

The marketing world is no different; it’s clear AI can be incorporated into campaigns, allowing them to run more efficiently – and at a reduced cost.

In this blog, we’re going to be talking about how AI can affect SEO campaigns, so let’s get started.

Content Creation

Content creation is a massive part of SEO. Therefore, using AI to create content quicker is a complete game changer. 

Yes, the content that is produced through AI must be edited, as it’s clear from using it that facts and other mistakes are prevalent; however, with that being said, AI still speeds up the process, helping writers to create more.

When you factor in that large amounts of blogs, articles, and website content are way over 1,000 words per page, any new approach that helps streamline the process is welcomed – and we’re already seeing multiple businesses and agencies using AI.


AI has the power to analyse data in real time and adjust campaigns – or at least provide predictions – rapidly.

Similar to content creation, there still needs to be a human element to monitor and make changes where necessary, but AI can provide new insights extremely quickly.


AI is a great tool when looking to increase campaign effectiveness. However, just like all tools, they need humans to guide them. A combination of both elements will leave you with enhanced campaigns that exceed KPI targets. 

At SEO Luton, we use the latest technology to build SEO campaigns that generate fantastic results for our clients. Although, our true strengths come from our team and their ability to go the extra mile. If this sounds like something you want to learn more about, contact us today!