SEO For Tradesmen: How to Rank on Google

Although many in the industry don’t speak about it, SEO for tradesmen is a great opportunity for attracting new customers and helping grow businesses.

However, it can be quite complicated when you’re new to it, so let’s explain the different things tradesmen need to know in our short, yet detailed, blog. 


Keyword research is extremely important when it comes to any SEO strategy. To start, you need to identify keywords relevant to your trade and that your potential clients are likely to search.

Using tools like SEMRush can help you find keywords and phrases with good search volumes. After you’ve found these, you will need to place these keywords naturally throughout your content. 


For tradesmen, local SEO is vital. For those who don’t know, local SEO helps those with a physical location rank on Google and reach local audiences.

Make sure to set up and verify your Google My Business page, as this is where a lot of your results are likely to come from. 


Providing great and informative content is quite important for engaging your website visitors and getting higher up in the rankings. 

By creating a blog section on your site and publishing regular articles that address issues that your clients may have, you can add value to your target audience and be seen as an industry expert, all of which is vital for increasing your conversion rates. 

Once more, make sure to add relevant keywords to your blog content for the best results. 


Creating a strong backlink profile is one of the surefire ways to rank high on search engines.

Find ways to acquire backlinks from reputable sources such as your industry connections, collaborations with other businesses, or even by contacting a business that provides SEO services in Luton or other areas to save you time. 

Additionally, you could always share your content on social media platforms and engage with other industry professionals to expand your network and attract potential link-building opportunities.


So, investing in SEO is very necessary if you want to increase sales and establish an online presence.

By conducting valuable keyword research, optimising your local SEO, creating great content and acquiring backlinks, you will be able to rank higher on search engines and gain that competitive advantage over other tradesmen in your area. 

If you need help with your SEO and getting your website to the top, contact us today. At SEO Luton, we have many years of experience in helping tradesmen rank high, and subsequently, increase their sales.